Thanks for reading, Kevin. I appreciate you taking the time.

My hope was to discourage the belief that investing leads to immediate riches. To that point, I included the Netflix example to do the opposite of what you're suggesting - that you would NOT be a millionaire even if you invested in Netflix's IPO and that it's unreasonable to expect one stock to catapult you to wealth.

You're right, certain life events/expenses can get in the way of saving. That said, I did mention the importance of establishing an emergency fund first in the event you incur a major, unexpected cost.

On top of that, everyone's financial situation is unique, and personal finance is such a broad topic that it's impossible to cover all bases or share universal advice in 1,000 words. The purpose of this post was to merely clear a mental path for readers to see how compound interest can lead to generous returns when you commit to saving.

If you're curious about a more detailed overview of investing or saving, I've written plenty of other posts here:

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