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Corporate banking drone turned freelance writer & editor. I write about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, writing, and spontaneous allegories.


  • Pratik Sonu

    Pratik Sonu

    CEO in NIT Computer Education, Nepal. Mobile No:- +9779849164738.

  • Araz Aslanov

    Araz Aslanov

  • Haimish Mead

    Haimish Mead

    Award winning communications professional, journalist, editor for ILLUMINATION and mentor. Putting a positive perspective on life.

  • 立珉 陳

    立珉 陳

  • Amolmarathe


    I am fun loving person and like to make new friends

  • Deep


  • Ntlmaier


    Natalie’s life revolves around strong coffee and street tacos. She spends her days with her mini-dachshund, Mocha, and her fiance hiking the trails of Atlanta.

  • Siddhant T

    Siddhant T

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