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Corporate banking drone turned freelance writer & editor. I write about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, writing, and spontaneous allegories.

Your path to becoming a millionaire is more accessible than you think.

Can you invest your way to millionaire status?

Yes, if you’re patient.

Sure, in theory, you could drop $100,000 on some $2 stock and pray that it jumps to $20 — but that’s unrealistic, risky, and impractical. Plus, you’d need $100,000.

If you’re impatient and expect to see immediate, gargantuan returns, you’re going to burn through your money. Investing in the stock market isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Don’t dump your hard-earned savings into an “up-and-coming” stock and cross your fingers that it takes off.

If that’s your mindset, you might as well play roulette at the closest casino and put…

6 factors can support Bitcoin’s perpetual growth.

A lot of people want bitcoin to succeed. It’s nearly impossible to quantify “a lot” but a conservative estimate is roughly 70 million. That’s how many wallets exist in’s ecosystem — and that’s just one platform.

There are also “a lot” of people who want Bitcoin to fail, but the tide has shifted — you’re in the minority if you don’t believe in bitcoin’s future. The OG cryptocurrency converts doubters into believers every year, which is validated by its meteoric appreciation over the last decade. Even major companies like Tesla and Square bought in.

But can bitcoin’s atmospheric ascent…

The fundamental analysis of Airbnb and its travel demand concerns.

It’s a tough time to be in the travel business, but that hasn’t stopped Airbnb’s stock price from ballooning to as high as $216 after listing at $68 in December. Investors are enamored with Airbnb’s growth potential. Plus, the company’s business model proved resilient in 2020, and well-timed financing activity flushed its balance sheet with cash. But it still faces a number of hurdles — most notably, travel demand and restrictions.

Is now the time to book a long-term stay with ABNB?

The Business

In 2007, two hosts welcomed three gusts into their San Francisco home, and Airbnb was born. Since then…

Don’t abandon your social life and exclude yourself forever

Making friends as an adult is hard.

Work and newfound life responsibilities consume 90% of the day. Convincing yourself to spend the remaining 10% trying to make friends is a hard sell.

I say “trying” because it’s not automatic. People aren’t as approachable as they get older (myself included). We aren’t as receptive to strangers initiating conversation out of the blue.

On top of that, there are fewer opportunities. Spontaneous friendship is a tall task when most people are either glued to their phones or wearing earbuds in public settings. (Again, I do it too.)

The next time you’re walking…

Will EVBox’s stock exchange debut be electric?

Over the last year, investors have flocked in droves to the EV industry, as popularity exploded for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. Companies like Tesla and NIO were the biggest benefactors, experiencing exorbital share price gains.

Electric cars are on the verge of overtaking the roads and changing the way we experience transportation forever. With thousands if not millions of these new electric vehicles making their way to consumers, one company is working to make sure the batteries of these new cars stay powered up.

EVBox offers charging station solutions for electric vehicles in the European market with plans…

I rigorously studied successful content to find the answers.

Writing requires a lot of self-analysis. During a recent session, I sought the answer to a tricky question: “What differentiates a successful post from a dud?”

I evaluated the work of some of this platform’s most-followed writers (assuming a large following translates to worthwhile and successful content). I also assessed my only two viral pieces. The purpose was to study tone, pace, format, word usage, and overall strategy.

While writing has many components, I determined that the best content does three things unequivocally well:

  1. Entices potential readers with an irresistible headline
  2. Lures readers into the story with a compelling hook

You can save money by approaching your social budget like a diet.

Lifestyle creep is the silent killer of finances. It’s a snake covertly wrapping itself around your bank account and squeezing your savings dry.

Even if you budget and actively manage your finances, this slithery assassin can still do damage. Why? Because, unless you’re a self-sustaining mountain dweller, life costs money. You have to keep dishing out cash to cover living expenses.

It’s exactly why we’re called consumers: we consume like insatiable beasts — and we’re really good at it.

If you managed to go an entire day without opening up your wallet, you’re still indirectly paying for housing, electricity, gas…

The fundamental analysis of AMC and its liquidity concerns.

Much like Gamestop, the short-sellers are gunning for AMC — especially after the pandemic restricted movie attendance across the globe. Despite horrendous operating results last year, social momentum continues to keep the company’s share price afloat. AMC took advantage by issuing enough new equity to almost fill a couple of Brinks trucks.

But liquidity concerns still loom thanks to expensive debt and rent obligations totaling multiple billions of dollars.

The film industry is still in shambles, but there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon thanks to the widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, which is expected to rejuvenate the movie…

Personal finance is a personal responsibility that most people shun.

I remember my eureka moment — the day I realized I needed to prioritize personal finance.

I was a few months into my first corporate job. The novelty of full-time paychecks hitting my bank account every two weeks hadn’t worn off. One random Saturday morning after payday, I checked my bank account to see if my deposit had hit.

(As if my company would withhold my paycheck for no particular reason.)

Of course, it had.

Then, as I stared at my budding balance, I had a life-altering thought, “Hmm, I wonder how much interest my account earns…”

I perused my…

The fundamental analysis of Zillow.

Real estate is often dubbed the “largest purchase you will ever make.” That’s a justified title from a dollars and commas standpoint — but real estate is also a staple in the American Dream, whether it’s moving into your dream home or turning a run-down duplex into a cash flow generating machine.

Recently, Zillow has been taking the housing market by storm with little signs of slowing down. Although the actual process of buying and selling a home is very cumbersome and time-consuming, this Seattle-based company is looking to simplify the entire experience all through the seamless integration of technology…

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